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Our product, formerly known as the “Colorado Outpost Coffeemaker Cleaner”, was featured on QVC, the nation’s largest home shopping network, as a cleaning application for coffee makers and sold tens of thousands of units. Since that time, we have expanded the product line to include:


Coffee Machine Cleaner

Coffee Makers should be cleaned every month or 30 brew cycles. Our Coffee Maker Cleaner restores that old-fashioned pure coffee flavor! Cleans all Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Percolators, Single Serve (e.g. Keurig) and Espresso Machines. Our proprietary formula dissolves unseen lime, calcium, and mineral scale that slows brewing time and lowers water temperature. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals and no unpleasant odor. Let Naturally Kleen do the work to ensure you and your family is safe from all the toxic and harmful chemicals found in most coffee maker cleaners.

Dishwasher Cleaner

Dishwashers are great for cleaning dishes, but they don’t clean themselves. Periodically the dishwasher needs to be cleaned in order to remove calcium, rust and other mineral build up. Naturally Kleen improves the ability of the Dishwasher to clean your dishes and run at its peak efficiency, saving you time and money. Naturally Kleen Dishwasher Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean effectively using all natural and safe ingredients.

Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing machines are great at cleaning clothes, but they don’t clean themselves. Periodically, your Washing Machine needs to be cleaned in order to remove calcium build up, rust, and other mineral build up. These build ups severely hinder the ability of the Washing Machine to clean your clothes and run at peak efficiency, costing you time and money. Naturally Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner is specially formulated to remove: calcium, rust and dirt build up, and do it in a natural and safe way.

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